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Dormeuil - Newsletter
Historic Anniversaries
16th August 1916
The Migratory Bird Treaty between Canada and the United States is signed.
25th August 1916
The United States National Park Service is created.
27th August 1916
Gordon Bashford, English engineer & co-designer of the Range Rover, is born (d. 1991).
Breaking News

Pashmina Goat Wool

An excerpt from “In Search of the World’s Precious Wools”

When Josephine de Beauharnais wore the pashmina that her husband, First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte, had brought back from the Egypt campaign, all the ladies of France dreamed of owning one of these shawls, woven in the strictest secrecy by the master artisans of distant Kashmir...

For centuries, perhaps even longer, the nomads of the Changtang have been producing pashmina wool at an altitude of almost 5,000 metres for the master weavers of the Kashmir valley...

It is important to preserve this heritage, the living memory of historical relations between East and West, and with this duty comes a humanitarian responsibility to a people whose world has been irretrievably broken apart by conflicts that were not of their making.

The new Dormeuil man

Dormeuil is proud to announce the arrival of the "new" Dormeuil man! This season, Dormeuil is working with Alfio Buscaglia, famous cartoonist and illustrator.

Mr Buscaglia was born in Alexandria in 1969 and lives in Milan, Italy. He has been published in numerous publications in Italy including Sergio Bonelli Editore and Panini. In the United States, his work has been featured in Image Comics and Heavy Metal Magazine.

In France, he has worked for Delcourt (100 souls), Bamboo (Missionary), 12bis (Mafia & co) and Glénat (Drawings for the climate, Pest ) .

We hope you will like the elegance of the new Dormeuil man as much as the older one!

Cloth of the Month

Dormeuil’s Amadeus 365 is our Cloth of the Month for August.
Amadeus 365 is a timeless suiting fabric that is ideal for every season. One of the many secrets of this must-have fabric is an innovative long filament Super 120’s compact yarn in the weft.
Milled in Northern England, this compact yarn enables an extremely precise weaving process that cannot be found or recreated anywhere else in the world. The special finish, used on both Amadeus and Amadeus 365 is also a fiercely guarded secret.
A comfortable suit that delivers a perfectly modern line, Amadeus 365 is an essential ingredient in every man’s wardrobe.
Amadeus 365 is you go-to luxury cloth for 365 days of the year.

Stone Island

Italian sportswear brand, Stone Island, have a strong reputation for modern, highly technical garments using ground-breaking techniques and fabrics.
Dormeuil has been working closely with Stone Island’s fabric developers to create an exclusive “house check” design. The design process involved the combination of the brand’s emblem (a stylized compass cross) and a classic check from Dormeuil’s archives.
After many trials, the final selection was made and the fabric chosen was actually selected for the unique surface aspect created on the back side of the cloth.
You can now see garments made up with this special 580 gram double cloth construction fabric in Stone Island’s flagship stores in Milan, Paris and London.
For more information, visit:

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