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Dormeuil - Newsletter
Historic Anniversaries
4th July 1916
British-American actress, Olivia Mary de Havilland, is born.
9th July 1816
Argentina declares independence from Spain.
11th July 1616
Samuel de Champlain returns to Quebec.

Shetland Wool

An excerpt from “In Search of the World’s Precious Wools”

The Shetland Islands, home to ancient breeds of Scandinavian sheep, are an important repository of European wool traditions. The original stock of Shetland sheep has been preserved thanks to the islands’ isolated location at sub-arctic latitudes between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Today’s sheep farmers are committed to environmentally friendly production of quality wool that retains the strength of the wools of the past.

For almost 250 days every year, rain and wind beat against the landscape of sheer cliffs, moorland and bogs, where ponies, sheep-dogs and sheep have flourished for thousands of years.

Viggo dress team Romania in Exel by Dormeuil

UEFA Euro 2016 (the UEFA European Championship) kicked off on Friday, June 10th with a match between France and Romania at Stade de France in Paris.

The final will be played this month on Sunday, July 10th.

Throughout the tournament, fans have been entertained with many different styles of play on the field. Off the field, however, the style of the Romanian team has remained extremely sharp and smart with beautifully tailored suits by Viggo using Dormeuil’s Exel cloth 834.006.

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Cloth of the Month

Dormeuil’s Mohair bunch 605 is our collective Cloth of the Month for July.
This Mohair bunch, composed of renowned Dormeuil mohair fabrics, continues to set a new trend for cloth that is produced from the “diamond fiber” of the angora goat.
This selection of dynamic fabrics has captured the attention of fashion designers and bespoke tailors throughout the world. For durability, resilience, breathability and crease resistance, there is nothing quite like mohair.
Tonik ® 2000 (70% Worsted Wool / 30% Mohair) features a number of new iridescent shades.
Super Brio ® (60% Mohair / 40% Worsted Wool) at 8 oz (250 grams).
Tonik ® (90% Mohair / 10% Wool) was invented by the House of Dormeuil in 1957 and continues to be a name synonymous with the world’s premier woven mohair.
A new Wool Mohair & Silk (50% Wool / 40% Mohair / 10% Silk) creates a fabric with incomparable sheen and handle.
Mystic Mohair (95% Worsted Wool / 5% Mohair) provides an array of Summer hues in a lighter 8 oz cloth.
Made in England with passion and pride

Kibou 311

The House of Dormeuil is proud to continue supporting the victims of the 2011 Great North Eastern earthquake in Japan. Dormeuil named this project "Kibou 311" which started in 2012. The project focuses on planting Sakura trees through an organization called LOOM NIPPON.
On May 8th 2016, many joined the local people to plant Sakura trees at Hikoronosato Minami-sanriku cho.
Loom Nippon held a ceremony which included a number of beautiful performances.
Yuko Minagawa played the cello and Kakushin Tomoyoshi played a traditional Japanese instrument called the Biwa. A local chorus group, dance group, and a special joint brass band (made up from 3 local schools) also performed at the ceremony.
This year, Mr.Dominic Dormeuil attended the event and promised to continue to support this wonderful project.
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